The green heart
02 October, 2017

The green heart

Luca loved to send text messages to mamma, baba, and sometimes the rest of the Team Luca.

BY / 2 years ago

Luca was very much into all things mechanic and electronic. He discovered batteries around the age of 3. He quickly skipped through the stage of asking mamma or baba for help into changing them himself. He would love to leave the Brio trains running in the background, even when he was not playing with them, which made batteries into household consumables depleted as quickly as milk or “blåbär” (blueberry) yoghurt.

Computers and mobile phones were a little more sophisticated, hence all the more interesting. The moment he realized that text messages were the main means of communication between mamma and baba, he wanted to be part of the conversation. He thus started to send long text messages which consisted of only emojis to them, often before going to sleep.

The choice of particular emojis was never random. When he wanted hamburgers, the text message would have a few hambuger emojis sprinkled in between others. The symmetry was equally important. If there were five smileys before the hamburger emoji, there had to be five after it.

And each message would start and/or finish with a green heart, his favourite emoji. Whether or not he sensed that the green heart is associated with “growth and renewal” and “a love for nature”, as the official Apple website for emojis explains, he would never send a message without it.

The family does not remember when the green heart has turned into a logo symbolizing his struggle and legacy, and by whom. It happened on baba’s Facebook page, when someone posted a green heart as a reply to a particular post. That was copied by countless others, both on Facebook and Twitter, and come to pass as a sign of appreciation, of love by the voluntary members of the global family.


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