The green ninja
02 October, 2017

The green ninja

Luca’s favourite super hero was the green ninja from Lego’s Ninjago series. (sketch by Marianne Larsson, or bombom)

BY / 2 years ago

Luca was very much into super heroes. But as befits his character, he was quite picky when it comes to his favourite super hero. Thus he liked Spiderman, he didn’t like Batman; he would be Steve and leave Alex to baba in Minecraft. He played a lot with Star Wars characters, both the video games and in real life Legos, but for some reason he never had a character he would identify with (though he kindly accepted baba to assume the role of Qui-Gon Jinn, probaby because they both had a beard).

His all time favourite, however, was the green ninja from Lego’s Ninjago series. He knew the names of all ninjas, Kai, Cole, Zane. But no one could match Lloyd, “the son of Master Garmadon and Misako” who is “wise enough beyong his years and, like his Uncle Wu, represents the way of the ninja. Though he is more the quiet type, Lloyd is the natural leader in the group”, as described in Lego’s official Ninjago page.

Luca, too, was wise beyond his age, probably because he spent most of his life in hospitals with adults. He was certainly not the quiet type, but he would become the leader in all the groups he was part of, even – or particularly – when they consisted of adults. Most importantly, he would think of himself as the green ninja, fighting against the evil cancer.


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